At Pools By Jordan I handle all designs and sales myself to provide a premium experience in both the front end and back end of the design and build process.

The first step is you will need to provide a survey of your property. This allows me to see what the limitations of your property would be if a pool were to be constructed there based on your specific city’s setbacks, easements, and power lines.

Once the survey has been received, we then schedule a phone call to go over your wish list, budget, and timeline. 

If during our phone consultation we are on roughly the same page in terms of expectations, we schedule an appointment to come out and visit the property.

Once you’ve scheduled an appointment, we come to walk the space, measure, photograph and assess your property so that we can see the access for our equipment, your homes door and window placement, as well as look for any additional obstacles that may present themselves. This way when i start to design I have a full picture of your property – and can shape your project to best fit your backyard environment.

If a builder sends you a drawing and a quote without ever visiting your property – how can they expect to deliver your dream and know your property conditions – such as power, access, elevations – these are change orders waiting to happen. 

Initial Meeting:

I spend an average of 2 hours in a meeting with my clients and can only meet with so many people per month while maintaining our excellent attention to detail and adherence to target build timelines. Upon leaving our conceptual design meeting, you have either signed up to get started, or at the very least have every piece of information to make an informed decision on who to hire – no waiting around for weeks for someone to send you pricing or designs that don’t match what you asked for.

We have our conceptual design meeting with our clients at our showroom so that you can see the actual materials that will be used in your construction, allowing us to get a more specific view of what it is that you are looking to achieve. As the same pool can vary greatly in price based on material selections, we want to make sure we do all that we are on the same page with your priorities and shape your design to suit your budget.

Please feel free to bring any estimates that you have with you to our consultation so any questions you may have about the comparisons and contrasts between the varying estimates and our proposal can be readily answered and resolved in a single conversation.

Business is business, and the pricing between quality builders should not vary by more than 10% in most cases – so if you have quotes that are further apart I am happy to help you sort through the details and how we stand apart, that you may otherwise overlook.

After we’ve both invested several hours into site analysis, design, material selections and getting an overall feel for working together – it is my objective to earn your business at that point and don’t want to see a few dollars stand in the way of that, and we love a good competition.

Conceptual Design:

At our conference table we use the latest high-tech design software to create a 3D design of what your new outdoor living areas will look like prior to it being constructed. Many conceptual designs are able to be modified live with you here.

Some of our intense designs and complex projects require several days of computer design in order to deliver the level of detail and quality we are known for and are handled on a case-by-case basis.

Being the owner of the company and a formally trained builder that is a member of multiple organizations, I am constantly pursuing continuing education and pushing myself to build the best pool possible. I stand worlds apart from “pool company number 6” that sends an inexperienced salesperson to your house in their commuter car, that could end up designing an inefficient or dangerous pool – with you being none the wiser.

Things like water depth, bench width, jet heights, flow rates, material differences, etc. can only be properly explained and accounted for by someone fully experienced in the field with years of experience behind them. 

When you’re getting other proposals it’s important you deal with someone of the same caliber of build quality and proper owner oversight. Ryan Hughes Design, Sekas Pools, and Lucas Lagoons are all good examples for comparison from products I’ve seen delivered in the marketplace. 

The rest simply don’t have the work portfolio and experience to deliver the same level of quality and experience, in my opinion.


After your contract has been signed, we begin your permit process immediately.

The first step is a power clearance letter from Duke or Teco, depending on your area. This is to make sure the power lines in the area are far enough away from the water’s edge of the pool for safety and needed by the building departments to issue us a permit. We will usually need to come out and mark the location of the pool for them with spray paint or flags, and the timeline for them to get us a clearance letter is a week or two.

Every municipality is different in their processing time for reviewing permit applications, but on average it is now taking anywhere from 4-6 weeks. They are working remotely, transitioning to online systems, and a medley of other procedural headaches. I can assure you that no one controls their timelines, and we push them along as best as possible.

We work with Private Providers as needed, and have the fastest permit approvals of any builder.

Once approved, the fun begins.


With permit in hand we will then schedule our crew to come out and begin the construction process, typically within 3 days of receiving the permit. This is possible using advanced solutions such as Gantt chart scheduling – anticipating the issuance of the permits and allocating resources appropriately weeks ahead of time. The first people you will see will be the various utility company employees sent by 811 to flag any utilities that may be on the property prior to commencing the excavation. Despite the pool being built in the backyard, we will normally have them flag the entire property, front, back, and sides just to ensure the safest possible undertaking.

Next is where we have an added advantage over our competition because we have a dedicated high paced team to lay-out and dig our pools, install steel, plumb them, and install the pool equipment as well.

Being able to complete the bulk of the work with dedicated contractors that work for us the majority of the time, allows us to move at a speed beyond the limits of any other pool contractor. Having built a pool with my own hands I can tell how long tasks are going to take, and by having several in house employees I have the ability to send “The Swat Team” to my projects if needed, to ensure we deliver top quality in the given timeframe.

Now there are certain specialty phases of pool construction that are regularly subcontracted across the industry such as the tile and coping installation, laying of the paver deck, and interior pool finish. This is in part due to the amount of manpower required to complete these tasks in a timely and efficient manner, as well as ensuring that skilled professionals who are the best at what they do, are able to deliver the highest quality finished product. These are not random choices by any means, as we actually work with a specific group of sub-contractors regularly for each of these phases for several years at a minimum. We have chosen them not only because of the quality of their workmanship, but also because of the extra care they take to deliver a beautiful job for us time after time.


At this point you complete your final safety inspections and will receive one month of pool service from our certified pool technician, ensuring proper chemistry and equipment operation during the first 30 days of your pool’s critical break-in period. You will also be given a “pool school” by them to show you how your system operates, as well as answer any questions that you may have about the pool and its water chemistry. Our technician will also take you to the transition to salt at the required 30-day period, and make sure that you understand any resultant changes this change may have made to your system.

I will be there for you and with you, through the entire job,. We truly enjoy making what seems impossible, possible, and love the fact that we get to do it daily here in sunny Florida.

Thank you for choosing Pools by Jordan