My name is Jordan Pierce Hidalgo, and I founded Pools by Jordan to raise the bar for pool builders in the Tampa Bay area.

I am originally from the New York metro, where I owned and operated a construction company focused on residential and commercial renovations. I couldn’t see myself living through winters up there forever, so I decided to skip the 30 years until retirement and moved to Florida in 2013. 

For a handful of years I built a family pool company successfully from the ground up, and that provided me the opportunity to both oversee, and participate in, the construction of hundreds of pools in the surrounding areas. I have performed all the stages of building a pool myself, and there is no substitute for hands-on experience when you are considering hiring a builder. This allows me to speak across many platforms when helping you determine what’s best to build on your property, and to succeed in building things that other pool builders can’t.

I am active in several industry organizations and take regular advanced training courses to further my expertise above and beyond what you will find from most other pool contractors. The depth and scope of my experience will provide you with the confidence of knowing that any questions you may have, or that may arise throughout the process, can be answered by me personally and directly.

In choosing to start a company with my name on it, I have made it a point to operate, and move in a direction that is the future of pool building, so I can give you the best customer experience possible. The location of my new design center was strategically chosen so that I could be in close proximity to the challenging task of working on waterfront properties, which is where my experience can shine and my clients can appreciate the attention to detail that sets me apart from other builders.

I will say that by choosing Pools by Jordan, you will be dealing directly with me as the owner, and am not only an expert in the field, but also someone who thrives on making what many may seem impossible, possible for you, no matter what the challenge may be.

It would be my honor to earn your business.